Saturday, December 22, 2007

They're Coming To Take Me Away...haha, hoho, the funny farm...

Dalton is driving me INSANE!! lol I guess it's natural for him at that age, but I swear I can't leave him alone for 30 SECONDS! He's REALLY having a hard time keeping his little paws OFF the presents under the tree. lol Again..that's not surprising. He's 3 after all. But, he apparently is a master at unwrapping presents and can do it in mere seconds. I'm totally not kidding.

The first time, I only went to the bathroom for about 30 seconds. Yes...30 seconds...a pregnant bladder does not take long to empty! lol I came back into the room, and he streaked across the room with this enormously guilty look on his face. You know, the look that says, "I did something, but I don't want you to know that I did, and I've put myself as far away from it as possible. That way I can't be blamed." Yeah....that look. So, of course, I go looking. He's gotten in the habit of hiding crayons around the house (that way when I take away one, he has backups. The kid is pretty dang smart) and when I leave the room, he colors a "pretty" picture on the walls, cabinets, and floor of my kitchen...yeah....NIIIICCCEEE. So, that's what I thought it was at first. lol.

That's when I turned around and noticed that there was something...not quite right...with the presents. Some were not in the place I put them. Some were crinkled. Some were OPEN! I have no clue why he was so sneaky about it, but it's not like he ripped into them like any other kid would. He was actually careful! One was open at the seam of where the tape was. Another had a slit in it that is now allowing a toy to peak through. Thank goodness he can't tell what they are just from a side view, or there would be NO way I would be able to get him to leave them alone at all!

And that's just the FIRST time. It seems like every time I leave the room, he tries to make the holes a little bigger on the ones he opened, or there's another present moved (He even took one to his room...I guess to open it later, when he wouldn't be disturbed. lol). Sometimes, I even catch him sitting on the couch holding one looking at it. That time, he even told me, "It's ok mommy... Calm down, calm down mommy. I'm just looking. Go away." That one made me laugh. lol

And it's not even ALWAYS him messing with presents. Sometimes, he colors on things he's not supposed to, and I have no CLUE where he's getting the markers, highlighters, crayons, etc! Sometimes, he's pulling things out of the refrigerator or cabinets. One time he decided to "help" me unload the dishwasher and put 3 plates, a cup, and 2 pans in the trash. He put a spoon in the toilet. Another time, I found his spaghetti noodles sticking to the TV. And every time, he gives me a look and tells me to "Calm down mommy...calm down." Or, as he says it..."talm down." lol

Who KNOWS what he's doing right this minute. He WAS watching cartoons, but it won't surprise me if I have to come back and add something else to this! lol


Ashley said...

LOL! Im not looking forward to THAT part of being a parent! LOL!!!!