Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update from VA

So I'm in the wonderful city of Fairfax, VA. *Wonderful* is definitely stretching it a bit. Between the retarded right lanes that aren't really lanes, but ones that you can drive in at some times of the day and not others and the retarded drivers who refuse to merge into your lane (EVEN THOUGH you give them space) until there are EIGHT car lengths in between you and the car ahead, it gets a *bit* frustrating.

At least traffic is the same as Houston during rush hour. It takes roughly half an hour to do a 5 mile drive here. It's all the damn traffic going to and from Washington DC.

It looks like I'll be here another 3 weeks for sure. We hired a new admin up here on Friday and I get to train her to be just like me. *guffaw*

At least I think Derek is going to let me fire the slut-bag, unprofessional, dense, spoiled-brat OTHER chick. lol Yeeeahhhh....she drives me insane.

There's also another admin here too, but I like her ok, even though she doesn't seem to do much here....I still haven't quite figured out what, exactly, she does here for them. lol

I love the managers I'm working with too. There are a total of 4 offices here, so there's a LOT of people running around. It's going to take me FOREVER to figure out who's who.

Apparently, I'm a godsend. Or so Premal and Derek say. I'm guessing their businesses have been suffering with the retard admins they've been stuck with. lol

I also get to play spy. hee hee. I'm *secretly* here to evaluate the other admins, and within one day I was ready to fire Ms. Slut-Bag. Seriously. So far, I've been stuck with her, but Derek says that if I'm happy with the new admin, that I can fire Ms. Slut-Bag as soon as she's ready to take her place. :-)

I don't get much of a chance to jump online, so I'll try to update again as soon as I can. :-) I also need to get new batteries for my camera, but I'm going to do some sight seeing in DC next weekend. So, I'll try to post pics ASAP. :-)


Ashley said...

Sounds like all is going GREAT away from home!!! LOL

So you have Ryan with you?? What do you do with him while you're working? How is Dean doing with Dalton?

Let me know!!! :)

Shauna said...

lol. Yeah it's ok here. Just freezing ass cold and I'm not used to it anymore!

Ryan's with me. A wife of one of our guys came up with us, so she watches Ryan for me during the day with her 6 month old. :-)

Dean and Dalton are ok. Dalton spends a lot of time with his dad, of course, and is being shuffled around a lot to accomodate both of their work schedules. lol