Friday, January 4, 2008

Growing Pains

So, it's definitely getting to the point where my belly is growing rapidly. I swear every week I can notice a difference. Mostly it's just the way my clothes fit, but I am now FULLY in maternity clothes! 2 weeks ago, I could still fit into most of my pre-prego shirts, but none of my pants. NOW, if I try to put on a shirt, I can't get it over my boobs! I feel like I've tripled in size since Christmas! lol Of course, I really haven't, but my belly has definitely had a growth spurt....and my hips, and my thighs....oh hell, just about all of me. There, I admit it!

It's a pretty unsettling experience. I can't even see my feet anymore. :-( I THOUGHT I was prepared for it since I've gone through it before. But nobody TOLD me that you show earlier, faster, and sometimes larger the 2nd time around! Ack! Talk about a well-guarded secret. I think it's a conspiracy to make women think, "Oh it wasn't so bad last time. I didn't really get big until the 3rd trimester...Oh hell, I can do that again!" WHAT THE F*** EVER! Ughh.

To give you an example, a girl I work with is pregnant too. She's about 7 and a half months right now. My stomach is TWICE the size of hers!! And it's not that I'm fatter than her or anything. I'm a LOT taller, which normally would mean I would appear skinnier....but NOPE, I have a gigantic stomach! It's kind of weird that people assume that I'm in my 3rd trimester. I've already had several comments about how I must be glad to only have a couple of months left. Yeah right! lol

When I tell people that I'm only a little over 4 months, they either don't believe me and ASSUME that I have misjudged my due date (I think that is one of the rudest, most stuck-up, idiotic things I have ever heard), or that I'm having a large baby. Of course, having a big baby wouldn't surprise HAVE seen Dean, right?? He even thinks so too. He even suggested the name Gigantor for a boy, or Giganterella for a girl. Yeah, like THAT's gonna happen, but you get the point. lol

I need to take some more baby belly pics and get those posted, but I think I'm gonna need Dean's help on that one! I'm going to try to get those done within the next week. I have a doctor's appointment Monday, so maybe I can have them up by then. :-)