Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good day :-)

It was nice to get out! I didn't really do much, of course....I'm not supposed to and certainly not capable of it! lol But my mom needed to pick some stuff up at Target, and I needed to go to the bank and get a baby book, so Dalton and I picked her up right after his morning cartoons. (Heaven forbid we miss the cartoons! lmao!)

I'm starting to get all panicky about not having things ready for the baby, but everyone tells me to wait until after the baby shower. It's SOOOOOOOO hard to wait. I'm scared that he'll decide to come early and we'll be left without anything! lol But the one thing I needed ASAP was the baby book! A lot of the info I can fill out now and I need it for the baby shower anyways!

I'm not sure why I bother planning a baby shower anyways. lol My dumb ass set it for the same day as Mother's Day. I totally didn't realize it, and now I feel a bit irritated. I mean, who can compete with that!? lol But we're still going to do it at that day. It's going to be at a park and I've already stated that husbands and kids are welcome, and it's not until pretty late in the day, so I'm hoping I'm not screwing up anyone's plans! lol

Speaking of which...already posted a bulletin on MySpace, but I'm closing out the baby pool game after the shower. I want to put all the guesses in the baby book. I think it'll be kind of cool to look back later on. :-) So, if you want to make a guess, either click on the link on the right-hand side of the page, or put it in by hand at the baby shower. (There will be a piece of paper set up, or my mom will ask everyone when they get there.) :-)

Anyways....back on We basically spent the day store-hopping. It may not seem like a whole lot of fun, but it was a relief to get some fresh air! It was a really pretty day (if a bit windy), but I was REALLY excited to get a little bit of adult conversation! lol When you find yourself thinking on a 4 year-old's's time to get out! lol

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weird mood, I guess...

I haven't really been blogging much at all lately. I haven't really been doing much online lately besides checking e-mail. I've just been too tired to do anything. I spent last Thursday night in the hospital for pre-term labor again, so it's just taking a lot out of me I guess. On top of that, I tested positive for Group B Strep, which means that I'll have to be on antibiotics during labor to keep it from getting to the baby. If he gets the GBS disease, it could kill him or cause really horrible things like meningitis, cerebral palsy, etc. Nothing good, that's for sure. And to make it even worse, premature babies are even more susceptible to it even WITH getting antibiotics. It definitely reduces the risks, but it's not full-proof. So, even though he's trying awfully hard to come early, they're going to do everything they can to keep him in there. Ughh.

I'll just be happy if he stays in there until the baby shower. lol That's another thing that needs to be done even though I just feel like hiding from the world. It just kind of makes me sad a little. Pretty much ALL of my family (except for my mom and 1 aunt) and all of my sisters live out of state. They can't come, of course. I have so many friends that are also out of state that I wish could be here. It makes me feel a little lonely. And I know it's insane, but I keep having weird dreams that I'm going to be the only one at my baby shower. And some homeless dude walks up to me in them and says, "I guess nobody loves you, huh?" It's very disorienting. Ughh.

And I know it sounds kind of whiny, but I'm getting tired of people using me. I've always been a person who is willing to help other people. Usually, I'm the person that stuff gets dumped on because other people can't or won't do it. And yes, I do whatever it is that's asked. Usually without complaint. Now that I'm on bed rest until who knows when and have been practically incapacitated for months now by myself, taking care of a 4 year old, in horrible constant pain, anytime I need a favor or help with something....people scatter. It's really sad.

And one person in particular seems to think that because I am stuck at home, that I am her personal and research assistant...She'll call me and say, "I need you to do this, this, and this for me, and you'll have to call this and this...." She even wanted me to call CANADA for her...on MY cell phone. Crazy, right? And yes, it was work related. But the point of being put on bedrest was to REDUCE the amount of stress my body is going through. She seems to think it's an opportunity to make me do more grunt work that she could do herself but doesn't for some crazy reason. Oh, and she seems to think that Dean can do personal favors for her too. Let's get one thing straight...Dean does not and never has worked for her...EVER. He has his own job and he works nights. Which means that he is unavailable during the days anyways. She actually told me to get Dean to go buy a computer for her!!! Yes, Dean is a computer genius or whatever, but she doesn't pay him for his time. She expects him to do just about as much work as I do...for free. Hell, she hasn't even paid ME in 4 weeks. Ughh. Oh, and anytime there's anything that needs to be moved around in the furniture....she expects Dean to do it. I've never let him do it and have always told her no, but apparently she doesn't get the point. Especially when she has 30 other people working for her that could help her out.

I keep getting frustrated at myself too. I hate feeling crappy, and I hate feeling like a neg-ball constantly. It's so hard to feel positive or even excited when I keep getting hit with one thing after another...every single week. Happy things DO happen..all the time...but they keep getting put off by crappy things. For example, my sister just gave birth to my niece on the 23rd (yes, just this last Wednesday! :-) Yay!). One day later, I get put in the hospital for pre-term labor and find out that my baby could die because of the GBS. Yeah...kind of kills the happy news, huh? And it's like that every week. Things keep happening.

And if I get one more person tell me that God is just testing me, I'm going to slap them. Seriously.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dalton is such a nutcase!

I can't turn my back for TWO seconds with Dalton! lol He will find something to get into, mess up, tear up, etc....every single time! This time around, I was making his lunch while he was watching cartoons. No big deal...I can see him from the kitchen. Well, he told me he needed to go pee pee, and I told him to go ahead and go. He has this "thing" lately, where I'm not allowed to follow him. Apparently, he really likes his privacy. lol Even if I did follow him, he'd only shut the door in my face. lol :-)

So, I didn't think anything of it, and after a couple of minutes, I started thinking that he was taking a long time and walked back to check on him. I caught him in the hall wearing a pair of pants he didn't start out wearing in the first place. That was kind of weird and he had a guilty look on his face, so I went into the bathroom....where I discovered he had put his training pants IN the toilet. Yeah....IN the toilet....and had tried to FLUSH it! Yeeeaahhhh. If you've EVER been around a kid who's wearing those, then you know how water absorbent they are. And since he tried to flush the damn things, I spent 5-10 minutes just trying to pull the water-logged thing out of the hole in the toilet. Definitely not so funny, either. Dalton had disappeared while I was doing that (probably a self-preservation instinct, lol), so I walked back out into the living room to find....

.....Dalton covered in Jello. Yeeahhh... Not just a little bit, either. The kid was covered head to toe in red Jello...along with his table and chair, the couch, and my carpet! Ughh. He had decided to help himself to dessert, I guess. So, I dumped him into the tub, and so far he has my bathroom floor covered in water, but I need to go clean the Jello up before I get him out. lol

You could always check back later. It's obviously going to be one of those days, and I'm sure I'll need to add more before it's over!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pre-term labor

Well, apparently doing my taxes sent me into pre-term labor. lol I had been having contractions off and on all Saturday, but Dean and I didn't start timing them until a little after 11pm. When it was clear that they were 3 minutes apart, and they weren't going away, we went ahead and went to the hospital.

I was there for several hours on the fetal monitoring machines, which is a complete pain in the ass if you've ever been required to sit still for hours on end. lol They hooked me up to an IV to see if giving me fluids would make them go away. That didn't work, so they gave me narcotics to stop the contractions. That didn't work either, lol. They had been checking my cervix off and on throughout the night. I had effaced to 50%, but I wasn't dilating at all, so they decided to let me go home even though I was still having contractions.

I'm still having contractions (although they're not 3 minutes apart anymore), so we've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon to follow up. We'll just have to see how it goes, but I have a suspicion that I'll wind up back on bedrest until the contractions go away. :-( I'm getting kind of sick of this. lol

On the upside, even with the pre-term labor and everything else, the baby (STILL haven't picked out a name! lol) is doing great! :-) He made it hard for the doctors to get an ultrasound on him since he was rolling around so much and would kick the spot the doctor was touching every time. lol Of course, his heart rate would drop with the contractions, but not so much or for so long that they think it's a problem.

Overall, as long as the contractions don't start changing my cervix, I should be ok, but nobody thinks I'll make it to my June 10 due date anymore. lol

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yep, I think I've procrastinated on my taxes enough this year...*sigh* Time to get them done. At least they won't be as complicated as LAST year! Sheesh. Let's just hope I don't wind up paying as much as I did last time too!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby belly pics :-)

So, I have a new baby belly pic. :-) I didn't want to put the whole thing on Myspace..wasn't sure if they would allow it. It's not pornographic, and it definitely doesn't show anything, but I didn't want to risk it, so here's the full pic. :-) Here in about 3-4 weeks, I'm going to have professional ones done, but I think I'm gonna stick with being clothed for those! lol

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sleepy Saturday Mornings

Sleepy Saturday mornings...seems like an oxymoron if you have kids, huh? This morning was no exception. I woke up at the crack of dawn to this cold little hand patting me on the cheek demanding that I wake up so he can go to church with grandpa. Of course, Dalton really doesn't have the whole concept of time that tells him that he goes TOMORROW. lol

I kind of wavered in that existence between sleep and deciding how to answer my argumentative and persistent child. Apparently, he didn't appreciate the delay, so he stepped up the volume of his demands...and added the word "please." Now, when Dalton says "please," he's really not asking. He seems to think that using it will mean I will immediately get up off my butt and do whatever it is that he wants.

So, at this point, Dean is still asleep, and I am now listening to a very loud, whiny 4 year old state his demands with all the tact of a bank robber. At least he didn't have a hostage. Then he stuck a foot that felt like had been in the freezer for a year directly on my leg! Ugh. Someone remind me to stick socks on that child before he goes to sleep at night! Nothing worse than being all warm and snuggly and then feeling like someone threw ice water on you!

I got up and took Dalton out into the living room to get breakfast and something to drink. Even that process is dictated by my 4 year old tyrant. I swear he'll make a good Castro or Stalin. His "demands" were cereal bars (we're out) and purple juice (again...we're out). With him acting like he was going to die of starvation behind me, I discovered that we have cinnamon rolls! Yay! I figured that would have been perfect, right? What kid doesn't like cinnamon rolls for breakfast??! Apparently, mine. As of now, a few hours later, he STILL has not touched it. All he does is poke it, make a disgusting face, and yell, "Ewwww ewwww ewwww" like it's going to poison him! lol

Of course, he's not ALL snails and puppy dog tails today. He just ran in here, jumped on me, and gave me a gigantic hug and sloppy kiss! Then he turned my chair, and said, "Here...I rub your shoulders!" :-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TMI? lol

Boob leakage...ughh.