Friday, March 14, 2008

Hormonal Overload

Yep. Just as the title says, I am in hormonal overload. lol The smallest thing goes wrong, I freak out...i.e.: We're out of milk. My reaction, "Oh my God, Dean's out of town, I can't carry it, my child is going to go thirsty and die of malnutrition." Seriously. lol Any time I get mad you would think that World War III is starting. I think Dean is learning my moods and disappears anytime I show an inclination of anger. lol

And of course, I can't watch a commercial without crying. It doesn't even matter what kind of commercial it is. It could be a dog food commercial, and my brain would decide that the actors didn't put enough food in the bowl, and seeing as how the dog is swallowing it whole, then it's quite obvious that they don't feed it enough...That's my brain process...seriously. Sad, I know.

And FORGET watching the news. Any kind of story about children getting hurt (which happens WAY too often nowadays), and I bawl my eyes out for hours. I just can't believe how cruel parents can be to their own children. I don't understand it anyways, but to add hormones on top just makes it unbearable.

Movies are off limits too. I either laugh hysterically LONG after the funny part is over, or I bawl like a baby, because it was just soooooooooooooooo sweet how Male Actor wooed Female Actor. I don't even attempt to watch movies that I know are going to be sad. There's no use putting myself through that! lol I think I would have a meltdown and you'd have to come visit me in the nearest nuthouse. lol

And, lately, I can't look at anyone else's baby! I know! Crazy, right?? It's just that I get jealous that they have their little one to hold already, and I'm still waiting on mine. And I start crying for no reason too, which tends to freak out new moms...I mean, come on! Who is this weird chick crying over my baby!?? lol

So, with all this emotional crap, I've decided that I want to live in a bubble. lol Nothing going out, no outside influence coming in. lol *Sigh* If only I actually HAD that option!

On an up note though, Dalton's 4th birthday is Monday, so I'm totally excited about going to get his cake and birthday present this weekend! But I already know I'm going to cry half a dozen times anyways....can't find a parking space, too many people, the grocery cart has a squeaky wheel, the cake only comes in one know, something is gonna trigger the hormones!! Not to mention, just THINKING about him turning 4 makes me emotional! I'm crying again, and Dalton is looking at me like I've gone nuts!