Thursday, October 2, 2008

He's as big as a 6 mo. old! What? Huh?

Yep, my little man had his FOUR month check-up today, and measured as big as a SIX month old! He's 15 lbs, 12 oz (a normal 4 mo. old weighs 10-12 lbs), 25 inches long (on the really tall side of normal), and his head circumference is 41 inches (measuring at a 6 mo. old range).

The poor nurse was really confused when she said, "What a normal size for a 6 mo. old!", and I told her, "But he's only 4 months old...."

She didn't really believe me, and double checked his birthdate on his shot records. lol You should've seen the look on her was great. :-)

Other than being really large for his age, his doctor says he's a happy, healthy boy. :-) He got shots today, so he is cranky right now, but still ok.

He's had some outrageous allergies the past couple of weeks, so we've been using saline nasal drops and suctioning it all out (which Ryan hates) but his doctor says he's still too young for a prescription. Poor thing still has to live with the bulb syringe, then.

All that congestion isn't doing him any good either. He has to sleep sitting up to breathe, and his doctor says he has some fluid in his right ear that isn't draining. He doesn't have an ear infection yet, but we have to watch it and make sure he doesn't start pulling on his ear or running a fever. :-(

Also, because of his size, and the sheer amount of formula the kid is consuming, his doctor said to start him on solids....yep, solids. He's already been on cereal for a little while, and it's not really satisfying his appetite, so we get to start him on the big boy stuff! lol


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Doesn't matter what size he is...he's adorable!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the campaign. :)

Not sure what I will do, but I've had a crap load of fun doing it so far!