Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After FIVE LONGGGGGGGG weeks stuck in Fairfax-freaking-VA, I am HOME! Yay!

Let's just say I like the people I worked with up there, but Fairfax? Don't bother. It's about 15 miles outside of DC, so the traffic is horrendous! Yes, worse than Houston. Nobody drives over 55...EVER...even if you could get up to that speed. Most of the time it's slower...

It's cold as hell up there...cold as hell? That makes no sense...well anyways, I'm still going to use the metaphor. lol But anything that motivates me to suck down a cigarette in 2 minutes flat, must be a strong motivator indeed. Yeah..that damn cold. I swear I didn't stop shivering the whole time I was there!

Ryan grew like a weed up there too. I'll post pics later when I have more time. He now rolls all over the place, scoots (yep..scoots..As in he sees something he wants, and he scoots over to it), eats 2nd foods (just the fruits and veggies, but he'll eat the 2nd foods portion sizes), is getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth (yeah....), is a pro at holding onto and chewing on toys, and is teething (I can feel a couple of nubs now, and he still drools like crazy!).

But for now...I need to finish unpacking...sigh.