Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Rules!

So, a few days ago Ashley tagged me for a "No Rules Meme."

And, I kind of ignored it since I was really, REALLY, really tired at the time. And then I just forgot about it...

And then she reminded me that she tagged

So, here we go!

1. For some reason, I almost always repost stuff like this on MySpace, but rarely on Blogger. I'm not sure why...kind of weird, I guess. I'm not even sure WHY I do all of those on MySpace anyways. It's not like everyone on there needs to know all the random "get to know me" crap. They're already my friends (or they SHOULD be! lol), and for the most part I know the majority of them in person, so they already know the stuff that I share! lol

2. I HATE not being busy. At work, I can't JUST do one thing at a time. I HAVE to multi-task or I go insane. For example, if I'm making calls, I HAVE to finish or start working on a spreadsheet of some sort. If I'm making bundles, I HAVE to sing along to the radio. If I'm on a conference call, I HAVE to write a I'm doing now...or check e-mail.

3. I have lived in 7 different states: Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and for 5 weeks in Virginia. Even though I was born in Little Rock and live in Houston now, Amarillo will always be HOME to me. Even though it's home, I barely know anyone there anymore! lol My family is either in Arkansas or here in Houston with me. All my high school and college friends grew up and moved away...just like I did.

4. My house is a disaster area. I can barely keep up with the mess sometimes. It would be easier, I suppose, if I didn't work full time, didn't have horrible back problems, and oh yeah..if I didn't have kids! lmao. I'm just going to blame it on them. Because, it's THEIR fault the kitchen floor isn't mopped and the dishes are in the sink instead of the dishwasher. It's THEIR fault that my clothes aren't all hung on hangers in the closet. Yep. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

5. I am not "stay at home mom" material. I tried it for a little bit, and I will kill something if I have to do it again. No, that is not something you should call CPS about. I would never harm my children! Don't take things so seriously next time! I am just not a very patient person, and if I wanted to walk behind somebody and clean up after them ALL day long and all NIGHT long, I'd be a personal maid and get paid for it. If I wanted to listen to whining ALL day long, I'd go work in a veterinary clinic. At least the whining wouldn't include the phrase, "Mooommmmmyyyyy! I don't WAAAANNNNNNNTTTTTTTT to!"

6. I like pickles at the bottom of my strawberry milkshake. No, it's not a pregnancy thing. I actually liked it BEFORE I had kids. I like to dip french fries in vanilla ice cream. McDonald's fries work the best. I like ranch dressing on top of pizza...chicken too. Sheesh I'm making myself hungry, so I'm going to get off of this subject....NEXT!

7. Stupid people infuriate me. I USED to be patient. I'm not anymore. I hate being stuck behind the person with the Idaho license plate driving in Houston at a whopping 50mph on the highway. A highway that is posted 65mph. A highway that NO ONE drives slower than 70mph on. I especially hate being stuck behind them, and when I switch lanes to go around, they decide to cut back in front of me. I will rear-end your ass if you do that. I hate being stuck behind the person who doesn't seem to know that the pretty green light means GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

8. I used to be introverted. Yep. Bet you didn't know that. lol I wasn't really shy, per se, but I was really quiet until I got to know you or had something to add to the conversation. Otherwise, I sat and listened. Now, I could care less. I will shoot off at the mouth about anything and everything! lol

9. I hate feet. Feet DISGUST me. I don't care if they're clean and I watched you clean them. I don't care if they've been dipped in bleach. I don't care if you're a foot model. I don't care if you just had a pedicure. If you touch me with them, I will throw up all over your toesies.

10. I have completely run out of things to say! Yep. Weird.


Ashley said...

OOOOOHHH! I didn't think of THAT one!

I HATE feet too! Always have! Ava's feet are the only ones I don't mind and I'm not sure how long that'll last. I don't like anyone touching my feet, looking at them or putting their feet on me! It took Mike a while to get the hint that if he so much as barely touches me with his foot (whether he has a sock on or not! He seems to think that makes a difference) that I will lose it!

SOOO, yippee to the FEET HATERS! HA

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for wiener voting. (I love saying that!)

Your 3rd place vote actually won!