Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wee-Wee All the way home!

I was cooking dinner the other night, halfway paying attention to Dalton as he chattered away on the floor next to me.

Generally, I use that time to find out how his day was, if he was having any trouble with the bully at school, if he did anything fun that day, etc.

So, on this particular night, my child decided to shock the hell out of me. Not just once, but twice. Oh yeah. Twice.

You know how it is when you're talking to anyone and cooking at the same time. You're half hearing what they're saying, and half thinking about what you're measuring or chopping, what setting the oven needs to go to, and how long to cook it for, etc.

Well, that's what I was doing, and a little phrase wiggles it's way into my ear..."I have a wee-wee." Well, he does, so I really didn't think about what he was saying, other than the general thought, hmm...he's never called it THAT before....

So, I go on with my cooking, and then that little phrase is followed by another that grabs my brain and puts it into a chokehold.."See? Look!"

And of COURSE, being the obliging mom, I turn and look down to see my child with his pants hiked up his leg, his underwear pulled to the side, and his wee-wee hanging out!

I can't believe I managed to utter a half-way sensible response, "Put that away, baby. That's your private place."

"My private place?"

"Yes, only YOU get to see your private place, ok?"

And that was that. It was put away, and I went back to my cooking with a completely numb brain and most likely a dumb expression on my face.

A couple of minutes later, I hear, "My friend Shane's wee-wee is bigger than mine."

I dropped my spatula.

I didn't even bother responding to that other than, "Uh-huh."

So, now they're comparing wee-wee's at school. Boys. I don't get them.