Saturday, April 18, 2009


  • My almost 11 month old has figured out how to get out of his crib. Yeah. As in, I heard a gigatic thump, a squeal, and hysterical bawling and rush in to his room to find him on the floor. Heart attack city.

  • Dalton now has a filthier mouth than a sailor. *Sigh* Can't figure out where he's getting it from. He calls everyone a smartass.

  • Dalton and his best friend Shayne have given each other nicknames. They vary from week to week, but Shayne is now Cheese Butt and Dalton is now Frank.

  • Ryan has now been moved into the "First Steps" class at daycare. Not because he's walking...even if he ALMOST is...but to make room for new, younger babies in the infant room. Also, he is a pretty aggressive baby (ie: throwing toys across the room, touching and climbing over other babies, etc), so he needs to be moved so he doesn't hurt the smaller babies. He's also doing more advanced things than the other babies that are the exact same age as him, so he gets a chance to learn things from the older babies in his new room.

  • Work is trying to kill me. I am now responsible for Houston, Austin, Tampa (and another location in FL), Grand Rapids, MI and Saginaw, MI as well as Portage, ME. Also, I added 2 more cities, Boston and Warwick, RI. Now, I'm going to be training an admin for Dallas next week. *sigh*


Travis Erwin said...

Cheese Butt and Frank sounds like a cartoon show.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Tell Dalton to call them ASSHATS instead - it's cuter!!

Hallie :)