Saturday, August 15, 2009

My devil child

He is driving me INSANE!

Insane, I tell ya!

I have no idea how to keep up with this child. He is almost 15 months old, but he might as well be 3, or 5, or even 13. His rate of learning is just...incredible. I can't believe what this kid is catching onto!

He's still the king of temper tantrums. I only thought he had perfected it at 6 know, kicking and screaming all over the floor. How much worse could it get?

Well, he showed me. Now, he's into hitting and throwing things. Let me tell you, that kid has an ARM! If he doesn't play baseball when he's older, then his talent is wasted.

Now, he's into doing things that I didn't think possible for his age:

  • Opening and closing the dishwasher, including moving the locking handle. AND he can use the turning switch to turn the damn thing on. Maybe I should just start teaching him how to load the damn thing.

  • Opening doors. Yes, I said opening doors. As in reaching up, turning the door knob, and opening the door. Yes, he's only 14 months old.....I know....My reaction too.

  • Using cell phones. Admittedly, he really doesn't know HOW to use it. But the kid has figured out how to UNLOCK my phone! Ughh. That was my failsafe to keep him from calling China! He could still get into my ICE contacts with it locked (just ask my mom and stepdad. they've received LOTS of calls from him), but now with him unlocking my phone, he has access to my full address book. And text messages. Sooooo...if you get some random call one's not me! He's also figured out how to access the web on my phone. I'm scared to see my cell phone bill! lol

  • And for the grand know those Safety First locking mechanisms that you put on doors and stove handles to keep kids from..oh, you know...turning the stove on?? Well, he can take them off. Yeah. I'm so glad that my knobs are on the top of my stove (on the back) instead of on the front, but the lady that watches the kids in the morning found out his talent first hand. He even BROKE one off her stove. It's PLASTIC for god's sake!!!

What, oh what, am I going to do with him!?