Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Update!

Well, kindergarten seems to be going pretty well for my baby. :-) Is started out pretty rough. He got the first red mark of the semester, out of ALL the grades. lol Then a couple of yellow marks, interspersed with green marks. Then another red mark for hitting a kid in the face with his lunchbox! 2 parent-teacher conference in 3 weeks was pretty rough. lol Now that I think he gets the idea that he's supposed to BEHAVE like he does at home, we shouldn't be seeing many more reds. I'm not being idealic. I know that NO 5 year old goes the whole year without getting into some kind of trouble, but hopefully, he's not getting them for hitting other kids anymore! lol

My little one has ANOTHER ear infection, so now we have a referral to an ENT to get tubes in his ears. We've been trying to get tubes for months now, but the original ENT we were referred to wouldn't do the tubes when he had a current infection, because he gets ridiculously high fevers. We found one through his pediatrician that will do it as long as we can get his fever under control. Other than that, he's doing great! His weight has evened out quite a bit. I mean, he wasn't all that big when he was born (7lbs 12oz), but he was 12lbs, by 1 month, almost 20 lbs by 5 months...a big kid! lol He's been at his current weight (23 lbs 7 oz) for the last 6 months, and is getting leaner in terms of losing the baby fat. He still has those adorable chubby baby legs, but he doesn't look so much like a butterball now! lol

See...I told you that was quick!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Ahem. So now that I have that out of my system, I'm doing ok.

We just got through the first week of Kindergarten and are starting on the 2nd. The first day of school for Dalton went a little better than I expected, although the people crying were kind of backwards. I expected to bawl my eyes out, but really didn't, while Dalton, whom I expected to be so wrapped up in everything going on, to be just fine....had a mini-meltdown once he realized mommy and daddy were actually leaving him there.

We walked out during the crying fit and stood outside watching as his teacher calmed him down and started him on a coloring project. And, oh boy, does that kid color angry! I mean, he was still completely upset at us leaving, and with his bottom lip still quivering and tears snaking their way down his cheeks, my child grabbed a crayon and proceeded to RIP into his paper with it. He was pressing so hard, and scribbling so fast, I expected the crayon to go flying and poke another child's eye out!

Can you image that call from the teacher? "Ma'am..your son has blinded a child with his angry coloring..." Yeah. As we watched, he seemed to calm down though, and off we went to the school library for a parent meet and greet. That was pretty nice to be able to meet some of the parents of the kids in Dalton's same class. I know that with a new school, he's going to make new friends, and he's now old enough to start the...duh duh duh...dreaded sleepovers!!! Which means that starting to build relationships with those other parents now, is definitely a good start.

His first day went well, and he got a green marks (green is good, yellow is "Behavior needs to improve", and red is "Stop the presses! Attend to your child before I lock him in a closet!"

The green marks didn't last long at all. On Wednesday, my child received the first red mark of the semester out of ALL the grades, K-5th. Wow, what an accomplishment *sarcasm.* Each child has a job to do each day. Dalton gets to turn the music on and off, another kid will pass out folders, another kid will hold the doors open when everyone's going to lunch or to recess, etc. Well, Dalton didn't want to give his name badge to the girl that collects it at the end of the day. When Mrs. L (his teacher) asked him to hand it over, he told her, "No it's mine. It has my name on it." When she explained that he needed to leave it at school and he could wear it again tomorrow, he had a meltdown and a temper tantrum. When she knelt beside him and told him that if his behavior continued, he would have to have a timeout during recess the next day. You want to know what my child, my angel, did? He looked at her, and said, "Too bad!"

O. M. G.!!!!!!!! MY child did that????? My calm, laid back, well-behaved child did THAT?? Holy crap. So, his daddy and I had a serious discussion with him, brought him to school early the next day and met with Mrs. L, told her how we handled it at home, and had Dalton apologize. She wrote us a note thanking us for being so involved with his behavioral issues. Apparently, parents nowadays would have left it alone. He still had to sit out at recess, which I approve of. Every action has consequences after all. Well, he behaved himself after that and got another green mark.

Well, on Friday, he managed to get himself a yellow mark. Not horrible or anything, but he was acting silly in class, so we had to talk to him again. We'll see how today goes! lol

And in OTHER news, I know that CLC schools are in the top ten in the country, and I'm THRILLED to have Dalton in the system there, but man, they start all this homework crap and project crap EARLY!

He came home with his first 2 project assignments on his first day of school! No big deal, but sheesh, I just got done buying school supplies, and now I have to turn around and buy project supplies...good lord.

AND he has his first fundraiser too! Anyone want to buy some over-priced cookie-dough??? lol He gets prizes for selling certain amounts, so I want to make sure he gets at least ONE!