Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Update!

Well, kindergarten seems to be going pretty well for my baby. :-) Is started out pretty rough. He got the first red mark of the semester, out of ALL the grades. lol Then a couple of yellow marks, interspersed with green marks. Then another red mark for hitting a kid in the face with his lunchbox! 2 parent-teacher conference in 3 weeks was pretty rough. lol Now that I think he gets the idea that he's supposed to BEHAVE like he does at home, we shouldn't be seeing many more reds. I'm not being idealic. I know that NO 5 year old goes the whole year without getting into some kind of trouble, but hopefully, he's not getting them for hitting other kids anymore! lol

My little one has ANOTHER ear infection, so now we have a referral to an ENT to get tubes in his ears. We've been trying to get tubes for months now, but the original ENT we were referred to wouldn't do the tubes when he had a current infection, because he gets ridiculously high fevers. We found one through his pediatrician that will do it as long as we can get his fever under control. Other than that, he's doing great! His weight has evened out quite a bit. I mean, he wasn't all that big when he was born (7lbs 12oz), but he was 12lbs, by 1 month, almost 20 lbs by 5 months...a big kid! lol He's been at his current weight (23 lbs 7 oz) for the last 6 months, and is getting leaner in terms of losing the baby fat. He still has those adorable chubby baby legs, but he doesn't look so much like a butterball now! lol

See...I told you that was quick!