Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Inheriting an entire family once you get married is kind of cool. lol. For Christmas, it meant that Dalton was spoiled...and spoiled, and everybody! lol Dean's family always does their Christmas on Christmas Eve. The whole family (like 30-40 people) gets together at Dean's grandma's house. It's nuts trying to remember everybody's name! lol Dalton had a little girl his age to play with, so I actually got to socialize with adults! Anyone who has kids knows how exciting that is!!! lol Anyways, when each person arrives, they bring all the gifts they're going to give out, so there winds up being this huge pile of gifts in the living room. Poor Dalton had a HARD time not touching. The look on his face said, "Ooooohhh...presents...pretty...I WANT them!"

And of course, this picture doesn't even begin to show the huge pile. We were the first ones there, and these presents were already there...notice the tree in the background. It gives you a little idea about the scope of things. lol And as more people arrived, the pile got bigger, taller, and wider! lol

Once Sidney, the little girl, got there, Dalton had something to distract him, so it wasn't so bad! lol We all played different games for a while, and I learned a new game..pretty fun too. lol Afterwards, it was time to open the gifts. Dean's sister Rebecca gave Dalton a Lightning McQueen car that everytime you shake it, it makes noises, talks, and rolls across the floor. The look on Dalton's face was pure excitement! He played with that pretty much the whole time we were there! He also got a racetrack and a few other things that had to be put together, so he really couldn't play with anything else at the time.

The next day, Christmas, we spent with my family. It works out pretty well that we can do Christmas Eve with Dean's family and Christmas Day with mine! We loaded up the car in the morning and headed over to my mom's house. This year was definitely all about Dalton! His dad spoiled him rotten with all kinds of toys: a huge dumptruck that he can sit in, some toy dinosaurs, new books, a V-smile (he's a little young for it), a new coat, new shoes, a huge stuffed white tiger, an RC monster truck, etc. You get the was a lot! lol He also got a bunch of other stuffed animals, some giant coloring books, an activity box with flash cards, stickers, and stuff!

I got some stuff I was wanting too. Especially maternity clothes! I woke up the other day, and all of a sudden my clothes didn't fit, so it was really nice to get those! lol Rebecca gave me this really pretty necklace that I like too. It was a good Christmas, and now I have to go through all the pictures and decide which ones to keep! lol


Ashley said...

Looks like Dalton had a good Christmas! Glad to see that. Happy New Year!