Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little update

I'm getting pretty lazy about this blog thing. lol Sometimes there's so much to say, but I don't feel like writing about it, so of course, the next time I blog, I have to backtrack days...sometimes weeks!

So..what's been going on lately??? Wellllllll.......of course, there was that 3rd trip to labor & delivery (I am SOOOO getting tired of that place! lol), but I think I blogged about that. Oh yeah, and now my doc says that because of the singular umbilical artery, they won't let me go past my due date at all! Yay! Dalton was 2 weeks late, and I really don't think I could handle that again! lol She said that most likely, at 39 weeks (if I haven't already delivered) that they'll set an inducement date. In a perfect world they wouldn't have to do that (Pitocin is the devil....literally), but at this point I could really care less! Give me drugs before you break my water, and I'm a happy person! lol

It feels like there's still so much to do. It's almost never ending! lol And before you ask........nooooooooooo we still haven't picked out a name *irritated sigh.* And no, it's not by MY choice that we can't decide. As it is, the name I WANT isn't going to happen, because Dean hates it, but I keep telling him that if I go into labor without his input on names, then it's tough shit. I'll pick a name, and he just has to deal with it! lol

We still need to do some baby shopping too. All the major, necessary stuff is taken care of, but I still want to get some more onesies and outfits. Rebecca and I are going to hit up some resale shops. :-) I totally LOVE resale shops! :-) :-)

Well, I think I'm about ready for breakfast, and it sounds like Dalton is destroying something, so I'll have to finish this later (I don't really think there's a whole lot more anyways. I seem to be a hermit lately. lol).