Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When it rains.... pours. And no, I don't mean it literally. I mean it in the sense that I've been hitting the pavement practically pasting my resume to various managers' foreheads, interviewing at all the wrong places (I keep getting told I'm overqualified...for everything. Yeah.), working various temp jobs, still helping Dot out, etc for the last 3 freaking months. And am I employed yet? Not technically.

Like I said, I keep getting told I'm overqualified!! What the F***??! Seriously??! And I'm not even interviewing for crap jobs either! These are positions that are paying anywhere from $16-$20 an hour! And I'm overqualified! *guffaw* Damn, if someone would have told me that years ago...

There have been a couple I interviewed for that even if I hadn't been overqualified, I NEVER would have accepted!! Seriously. I don't want to be bored off my ass all day! I did a temp job that left me a little disillusioned. I am now aware that I seem to be the hardest worker on the face of the earth. Apparently, no one else comes close. lol I could have done that job, PLUS one of the other girls jobs as well! I have NEVER been so bored in my life!

Then I interviewed for a college recruiting position almost 3 weeks ago. I was told that it was between me and one other candidate and they would be making their decision in about a month. prob, whatever, right?

Weeellll.....Dot needed me to interview this week for her since she's still in Orlando, so I agreed since I need the damn money. Even if she is remiss about paying me. So, yesterday, I come to find out that Chad had just discovered that they were about to lose me for good, so apparently he ordered (yes, ordered. Damn, I love Chad. lol) Dot to re-hire me full time. Hee hee. So, I told Dot I'd think about it and then later agreed to do it since I haven't had much luck on the job front.

Wouldn't ya know....not TEN FUCKING minutes later, I get a call from a crappy job I interviewed for (which I wouldn't accept if they held me down and tried to feed me live cockroaches.) They want me to start in 2 weeks. I said no way. No problem. Didn't plan on taking that one anyways. Then not TEN minutes after that, I get a call from the college I interviewed with. They love me, and wanted me to meet with the college president. (Oops! Dilemma time!) I wound up having to turn them down too. (Stupid, I know.) But if I'm going to do recruiting, I'd rather do it where I'm already at. End of story.

And there's STILL a job floating out there too, that I'd feel horrible about turning down. Dean's mom knows a guy that was looking for an executive secretary (secretary? Ugghh...but at least it turned out to be MORE than that. lol) and personally took me to go see him. He seemed impressed, but now that I'm staying where I'm at, I'm going to feel really bad about turning him down. :-( ESPECIALLY, since Marla went out of her way to put in such a good word for me too! Ughh.