Friday, September 26, 2008

Woo Hoo!

We FINALLY have the internet again!! After Ike hit, it was Tuesday (the 16th) before we got power again. My mom (up in Jersey Village) just got power back a couple of days ago. Sheesh. For some reason, not surprisingly, Comcast couldn't get its act together, and we've been without the internet until this morning!! Ughh!

I NEVER thought I could make it that long without it!

Also, Dean and I spent our first wedding anniversary in a hot apartment with two kids, and 3 other adults with no power, and 2 pudding cups as our anniversary

In other news, lol, because of the damage our building took (lots of water damage, mold forming, etc), and because the economy sucks balls down here right now, our whole office is being relocated to Baltimore for up to 8 weeks. :-(

We were supposed to leave today, but I arranged with Maegan to work for her (in Boston) from home until after Ryan gets his 4 month shots on the 2nd. After that, I'm going to spend a week in Baltimore with the rest of the office, then I'm driving over to Boston to work with Maegan and Chad directly. Fun. *sarcasm*
Don't get me wrong, I'm a little excited to go up there. I've travelled all over the place with this company, but I haven't been to Baltimore or Boston yet. I'm going to take Ryan with me, but Dalton and Dean are staying down here. I'm going to miss them a lot! Maegan offered to fly me up there, but I'm going to drive instead. That way, I have my own transportation, and at any time, I can choose to leave. Not so if I'm relying on them to fly me back. lol
Well, I've still have some things to do, so here are some pics of the damage from the hurricane. I tried to get some of the actual hurricane, but it was extremely dark, windy, and rainy, so they didn't really come out....they kind of look like a gigantic blob of fog. I wasn't really able to get some of the pics of the downed trees and stuff unless I was willing to wade through 2 feet of water...I wasn' here's what I got of what I could see from my mom's windows. lol

This next one is about 5 and a half feet deep...that wooden structure USED to be a bridge with benches. This is a pic of the same area, but a little farther down. Still about 5 and a half feet deep.
These next 2 are before and after pictures of the damage to the Bolivar peninsula...