Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hotel Fire

Even that phrase sends shivers up my spine. So many people in one place...there's huge potential for mass destruction. Unfortunately, I got to experience a little of it.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to find that one of our reps here in VA was left behind at the hotel by accident. So, of course, being the nice person (i.e. pushover) that I am, I drove him to the office.

When I got back, I pulled up to find EIGHT fire trucks blocking all the entrances to our hotel, firemen running around, water hoses out, and water and smoke everywhere. Keep in mind, when I took Pat to the office, I left Ryan with my friend Jen and her 6 1/2 month old in our hotel room.

I couldn't get into the hotel parking lot, so I parked on the street, ran around trying to find Jen and the babies...only to find that they weren't outside. Yeah...they were still in the room.

So...I freaked out. Hardcore. I yelled at the fireman who was closest to me. Apparently yelled so much and so loud that they called the cops on me. lol I think the cop was just there to make sure I didn't start swinging, but basically I was yelling at the fireman that Jen has arthritis and can't physically carry both babies out. They kept saying that she was safe on the first floor because the fire was on the third floor. Bullshit. I have issues with that statement. But they also wouldn't let me go in to get her and the babies. So...she's safe to stay, but I'm not safe to go to the same room and come right back out???? Whatever.

Basically, the fireman backed off and told me that they had the fire contained and that they would be rolling out as soon as they got the all-clear. He promised me that if they weren't done in 5 minutes, that he would go in and get Jen and the babies. Well, 2 minutes later they got the all-clear, so I got to go back in.

Sheesh. It wasn't even that bad of a fire, but imagine pulling up on a place where your baby is, and it's on fire, there are 8 fire trucks, and it's obvious that fire hoses are inside the building...yeah.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update from VA

So I'm in the wonderful city of Fairfax, VA. *Wonderful* is definitely stretching it a bit. Between the retarded right lanes that aren't really lanes, but ones that you can drive in at some times of the day and not others and the retarded drivers who refuse to merge into your lane (EVEN THOUGH you give them space) until there are EIGHT car lengths in between you and the car ahead, it gets a *bit* frustrating.

At least traffic is the same as Houston during rush hour. It takes roughly half an hour to do a 5 mile drive here. It's all the damn traffic going to and from Washington DC.

It looks like I'll be here another 3 weeks for sure. We hired a new admin up here on Friday and I get to train her to be just like me. *guffaw*

At least I think Derek is going to let me fire the slut-bag, unprofessional, dense, spoiled-brat OTHER chick. lol Yeeeahhhh....she drives me insane.

There's also another admin here too, but I like her ok, even though she doesn't seem to do much here....I still haven't quite figured out what, exactly, she does here for them. lol

I love the managers I'm working with too. There are a total of 4 offices here, so there's a LOT of people running around. It's going to take me FOREVER to figure out who's who.

Apparently, I'm a godsend. Or so Premal and Derek say. I'm guessing their businesses have been suffering with the retard admins they've been stuck with. lol

I also get to play spy. hee hee. I'm *secretly* here to evaluate the other admins, and within one day I was ready to fire Ms. Slut-Bag. Seriously. So far, I've been stuck with her, but Derek says that if I'm happy with the new admin, that I can fire Ms. Slut-Bag as soon as she's ready to take her place. :-)

I don't get much of a chance to jump online, so I'll try to update again as soon as I can. :-) I also need to get new batteries for my camera, but I'm going to do some sight seeing in DC next weekend. So, I'll try to post pics ASAP. :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tôi không hiểu.

Yeah...that means "I don't understand" in Vietnamese.

For SOME reason, my husband has decided he's going to learn to speak the language just so he can understand what the guys next to him at work are saying. Not to be able to speak back to them...just so he can listen in. Weird. lol

I saw him on his computer earlier just staring off into space with his headphones on. I asked what he was doing, and he said learning Vietnamese...see above reason why...

A few minutes later, after noticing more staring and apparent lack of doing...well...anything, I asked if he was going to at least write something down, take notes, at least pretend he was learning something.

His response? (This BLOWS my friggin mind.) It was, "Why? This is easy." WHAT!!???!! EASY?? Are you freaking kidding me?????

I can tell you exactly how difficult it is to learn a freaking new language, especially to have a WORKING, actual speaking knowledge of it! I took 6 damn years of Spanish, and 1 of French, and, yes, I can read a lot of both. But SPEAK it??? HEEELLL no! And that was after YEARS of actually studying it! Not just listening to some phrases on the computer and then knowing what the hell is going on!!

Ughh. Men. Well, maybe just my husband. But I swear my brain twisted into a knot and combusted into flames at the exact instant he uttered, "This is easy."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

He's as big as a 6 mo. old! What? Huh?

Yep, my little man had his FOUR month check-up today, and measured as big as a SIX month old! He's 15 lbs, 12 oz (a normal 4 mo. old weighs 10-12 lbs), 25 inches long (on the really tall side of normal), and his head circumference is 41 inches (measuring at a 6 mo. old range).

The poor nurse was really confused when she said, "What a normal size for a 6 mo. old!", and I told her, "But he's only 4 months old...."

She didn't really believe me, and double checked his birthdate on his shot records. lol You should've seen the look on her was great. :-)

Other than being really large for his age, his doctor says he's a happy, healthy boy. :-) He got shots today, so he is cranky right now, but still ok.

He's had some outrageous allergies the past couple of weeks, so we've been using saline nasal drops and suctioning it all out (which Ryan hates) but his doctor says he's still too young for a prescription. Poor thing still has to live with the bulb syringe, then.

All that congestion isn't doing him any good either. He has to sleep sitting up to breathe, and his doctor says he has some fluid in his right ear that isn't draining. He doesn't have an ear infection yet, but we have to watch it and make sure he doesn't start pulling on his ear or running a fever. :-(

Also, because of his size, and the sheer amount of formula the kid is consuming, his doctor said to start him on solids....yep, solids. He's already been on cereal for a little while, and it's not really satisfying his appetite, so we get to start him on the big boy stuff! lol

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, I wake up this morning, drag myself out to the kitchen to get some coffee, and this is what I find.........

Yeah, my husband is retarded. But it made me laugh....and anything that can do that at 7 am in the morning is pretty special. lol