Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crashes and such

So, I spent part of the day at Memorial Hermann Hospital since my mom totaled her car by spinning across 4 lanes of traffic and slamming into a Beamer and a concrete abuttment.

I attempted to blog from my phone while I was there, but if you see below, apparently those didn't come across the way I INTENDED them all. Ahem.

Anyways, she's ok. She hit her head pretty hard, but if she has a concussion, the doctors said it is slight since her pupils are equal and reactive. No indentions or swelling on her head either. But she does have a sprained neck and a sprained back, so she's not entirely happy right now.

Anytime someone has a head injury, or even a possible head injury, doctors do not give them narcotics for pain, since it can mask neurological symptoms of a worse injury than thought. About the strongest you're going to get is Naproxen...which they gave her. Which she's not happy about either.

But I'm just glad she's ok! I actually kind of felt worse for the poor little kid (about 7 years old, maybe younger) who was in there with a broken arm. The nurses were trying to get a sling on his arm, and the poor guy was sobbing his little heart out!

Anyways, back on topic, you can totally ignore the previous posts, because, well...they don't make sense! lol I would delete them, but it's kind of funny.


Well maybe that's just me.


Ashley said...

Glad she is OK!