Monday, June 8, 2009

*tsk, tsk*

I'm so lazy! Haven't posted in such a LONG time! Of course, I do have a real life that needs my attention more often that not, so I promise, I will TRY to be a better blogger! lol

...Like anyone reads what I write anyways! lol And for all my family out there that actually READ this blog, for God's sake would you just please break down and start your own blog??!! It's kind of awkward that you seem to know everything going on in my life, and can quote things my children have said, even though you live in different cities/states, but I apparently don't know anything about you! Can we say AWK-ward!!!

Anyways, I digress. I don't seem to have a whole lot to say...strangely...I make mental notes when something funny/cool/weird happens to blog about it later, but I always procrastinate TOO long and then I forget!

But here's what's been going on in my life lately:

  • My youngest turned in ONE year old! Can we say holy-FREAKIN-crap!

  • Dalton is a gigantic tattletale now..."Moooommmyyy! Ryan is touching me! Mooommmyy! Ryan is throwing his food on the floor! (As if I weren't sitting right in front of him!) Mooommmy! Ryan is following me!" I'm about to go insane! At least it hasn't progressed to the infamous line my sister used against my brother in a horrendously long car ride! "Alex is looking out my window!!!"

  • Ryan likes to play in the toilet...that Dalton just peed in. Eww.

  • Ryan tries to drink from the bathtub spout when we're giving him a bath. Funny, but still kind of eww...even though it's clean, I still don't get the warm and fuzzies about drinking anything from my bathroom! lol

  • Dalton will FINALLY get OFF the stairs in the swimming pool and "allow" us to hold him in the (slightly) deeper water. Major step for him.

  • Ryan has now had about a kabillion ear infections in the last 3 months. They're going to put tubes in his ears. Even though they do it all the time, I still get extremely nervous and weepy about the idea of putting my child under general anesthesia.

  • Dalton now knows how to lie...*sigh* As in, he was outside playing with my sister-in-law's kids with my mom on the porch. He asks her, "Grandma, can I pee outside?" My mom, trying not to laugh or be the "bad guy" says, "Well, I don't know. You'll have to ask your mommy." So, Dalton runs inside, and asks me, "Mommy, can I pee outside?" To which I reply, "ABSOLUTELY NOT! Go to the bathroom to pee!" So, what does Dalton do? My sneaky little child runs back outside with the door open, not 10 feet from me, where I can STILL hear him, and says, "Grandma, Mommy says ok, I can pee outside!" I immediately run outside to see my mom with her mouth hanging open, and my son with his willy in hand about to pee off the balcony! Do you have ANY idea how hard it was for me not to laugh when I was getting onto him???!!

  • Ryan will eat anything. As in ANY THING. As in, that child will eat the dirt on the ground if I let him!

  • I found out that taking 5 Benadryl at a time is kind of an interesting experience. I conked out at 7:30pm. I woke up at almost 9, hungry as a bear, wandered around the house for a few minutes still trying to figure out where the kitchen was, and why I was walking around, and went back to bed only to sleep the ENTIRE night...through my youngest throwing temper tantrums and everything at bed time.