Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Start To Everything

I've never really been much of a blogger; I usually just do the whole "update: here's what's going on lately" kind of thing, but lately, it's seemed a whole lot more interesting and time-worthy. I've got a few friends, actually, that blog on a regular basis, so it's definitely nothing new to me. Here lately, I've had a LOT of time on my hands too. lol. I've started to notice that since I have so much going on, I spend a lot of time trying to explain details to individual people, and it gets cut down to the basics. All the details get left out, because...well...after explaining them for the 6th time in a row to someone different in a 6 hour gets a little irritating! lol.

This is my way to get to put some of those details back in...not only to those people who care enough about me to ask, but to me as well. I'm so used to living with certain things in my life that I kind of forget to ask myself how I feel, what I REALLY think of a situation, where my head is at. I used to be really good at knowing personality, what I wanted in life, what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. But with all the setbacks I've had lately, especially with my health, I get a little confused about what to do next. lol So, maybe writing it out...even if it's as simple as a "What I Did Today" list, will let me get my pregnant, hormone-controlled, scatterbrained head back in order! lol

I certainly don't intend on this becoming a personal diary, or anything like that, so don't expect anything juicy! lol But at least if someone asks how I'm doing, I can say, "Go read my blog." I guess it's a little easier than having to say the same thing over and over! lol


Ashley said...

YA! Im excited to have another blogger friend. :)