Friday, February 1, 2008

Update :-)

So, I've finally got some new baby belly pics. :-)

21 weeks

Trust me, it's a little bigger than it looks! lol I already feel like a whale most of the time, and it's definitely getting harder NOT to waddle when I walk! lol My high risk doctors finally got me in to see the pain management doctor, and SURPRISINGLY, they actually found a nerve problem. Apparently my left ilioinguinal nerve is all messed up. Yeah....try saying that 5 times fast. lol It turns out that it got damaged when I was in labor with Dalton. The usage of vacuum to get him out caused the nerve damage, and because my stomach, obviously, didn't stay as big, I didn't notice the problem. But now, since my belly is getting bigger again, it's stretching the nerve and causing pain. They gave me some lidocain patches to use, and it actually does help a little. :-) But there's obviously another underlying problem since I'm still in pain, but they don't know if they can do anything about it. I have another appointment with my high risk doctor on Monday, so I guess we'll see. lol


Ashley said...

Well at least they figured out one of the problems. Good luck at your next appointment and keep me posted. Did you ever switch doctors or did you decide to stick with yours?

Shauna said...

Yeah, I've been looking but it's hard to find a doc that wants to start on a high risk pregnancy this late in the game. lol I've got an appointment this Monday, so I guess I'll give them another chance, but I am going to make it EXTREMELY clear that I am not happy, and I just found out that I can demand to see an actual DOCTOR at any time versus just a physician's assistant. So, I'm going to try that first. :-)

Ashley said...

Well GOOD LUCK! :)

Ashley said...

P.s.-I like the new layout :)

Shauna said...

Thanks! :-) Me too! lol