Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I realize...

...the world is full of stupid people. I have no patience for stupid people. You should all be shot.


1.) Put a damn phone number on your damn resume. Employers and recruiters HATE not being able to contact you because you're stupid.

2.) Make sure you are searching for jobs in your area (especially in the same damn state you live in) unless you plan on relocating. I don't like wasting my time on you because you're stupid.

3.) JUST because you made your own website and application video to try out for "The Apprentice" does NOT entitle you to a 6 figure salary. Yeah, you think you're clever. I don't.

4.) If your resume contains grammatical or spelling errors I'm probably not going to call you. (The following is an excerpt from an ACTUAL resume I received today.)
"I like to get a job where my skillz working with da public is going to show."
YEEEAAAHHH....I don't think I need to show you the rest. I about died laughing....NEXT!

5.) If you apply to customer service, you canNOT say that you do not want to interact with customers. know what? I'm going to hire you to sit on your ass ALL day and pick your nose while the person next to you does your job....You're stupid.

6.) PLEASE do not talk your damned head off for 30 minutes and not let the person who called you get a word in edgewise. Especially, do not talk so damned much she can't even tell you she needs to put you on hold to answer the 50 calls she's missed since she made the mistake of calling YOU.

7.) If you don't speak English, don't bother. I don't like wasting time saying "No hablo espanol" and listening to you repeat "He..llo? Spanny? He..llo? He..llo? Speak Spanny?" for 20 minutes.

8.) If my ad says, "Local dist. company has 6 openings
*Mktg/Events coordinating*
*Customer Service Liason*
All openings F/T days/No felonies
Call ME @ *** *** *****"
then do NOT call about a fictitious warehouse position. Did the ad say warehouse?? No?? Oh, well, I'm sorry. Good luck next time. Dumb ass. Same thing with the felonies. Can you read?? If I do a background check and something pops, I'm gonna be pissed, you're not going to have a job, and I'm going to call you stupid to your face.

*Whew* I needed to get that out. Dealing with retards is a constant in my position, but if I don't vent, my head is going to blow up like a balloon and explode like in a cartoon. :-)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Messy face!

We started Ryan on cereal the other day since he's gone through 12 cans of formula in 2 weeks! Yes, that's a lot...we know...that's why it was obvious he was ready for cereal! lol

He didn't care for it the first time around, but I think it's because he was too hungry to be patient enough for the cereal, so I wound up giving him a bottle instead. The kid gets absolutely FRANTIC when he's hungry! lol

The next day was a different, though. :-) He ate everything we gave him (almost 2 oz of cereal), then polished off an entire 5 oz bottle too! He's a little piggy!

Woo Hoo!

We FINALLY have the internet again!! After Ike hit, it was Tuesday (the 16th) before we got power again. My mom (up in Jersey Village) just got power back a couple of days ago. Sheesh. For some reason, not surprisingly, Comcast couldn't get its act together, and we've been without the internet until this morning!! Ughh!

I NEVER thought I could make it that long without it!

Also, Dean and I spent our first wedding anniversary in a hot apartment with two kids, and 3 other adults with no power, and 2 pudding cups as our anniversary

In other news, lol, because of the damage our building took (lots of water damage, mold forming, etc), and because the economy sucks balls down here right now, our whole office is being relocated to Baltimore for up to 8 weeks. :-(

We were supposed to leave today, but I arranged with Maegan to work for her (in Boston) from home until after Ryan gets his 4 month shots on the 2nd. After that, I'm going to spend a week in Baltimore with the rest of the office, then I'm driving over to Boston to work with Maegan and Chad directly. Fun. *sarcasm*
Don't get me wrong, I'm a little excited to go up there. I've travelled all over the place with this company, but I haven't been to Baltimore or Boston yet. I'm going to take Ryan with me, but Dalton and Dean are staying down here. I'm going to miss them a lot! Maegan offered to fly me up there, but I'm going to drive instead. That way, I have my own transportation, and at any time, I can choose to leave. Not so if I'm relying on them to fly me back. lol
Well, I've still have some things to do, so here are some pics of the damage from the hurricane. I tried to get some of the actual hurricane, but it was extremely dark, windy, and rainy, so they didn't really come out....they kind of look like a gigantic blob of fog. I wasn't really able to get some of the pics of the downed trees and stuff unless I was willing to wade through 2 feet of water...I wasn' here's what I got of what I could see from my mom's windows. lol

This next one is about 5 and a half feet deep...that wooden structure USED to be a bridge with benches. This is a pic of the same area, but a little farther down. Still about 5 and a half feet deep.
These next 2 are before and after pictures of the damage to the Bolivar peninsula...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

That's what Dean seems like right now...Humpty Yesterday at work, he had a 500 (Yes, that's five hundred) lb breaker fall on his head. :-( It tore a gouge in his head that he said pretty much just poured blood. He has gouges on his shoulder, as well. Those aren't nearly as bad, and he has a scrape on his other arm. He had to get a tetanus shot, and they gave him some antibiotics. Besides other little scratches on his hands, he's just fine besides being sore.

I could've killed him! lol We had JUST had a conversation the day before about how he keeps coming home with scratches everywhere. I told him that I did NOT want to get a call from a hospital that he was hurt, or missing a limb. lol And that's exactly what happened! lol
I actually thought he was joking at first when he texted me that he was hurt and they took him to see a doctor.

They have to go and get hurt and not even bother to tell their wives until they've already seen a doctor. Of course, I freaked Dot actually put it in perspective for me. Her husband got electrocuted and didn't call her until he was RELEASED from the hospital completely! lol The only reason he told her was because firefighters make the news when they're hurt, and he didn't want her to find out about it that way. Sheesh. Men.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When it rains.... pours. And no, I don't mean it literally. I mean it in the sense that I've been hitting the pavement practically pasting my resume to various managers' foreheads, interviewing at all the wrong places (I keep getting told I'm overqualified...for everything. Yeah.), working various temp jobs, still helping Dot out, etc for the last 3 freaking months. And am I employed yet? Not technically.

Like I said, I keep getting told I'm overqualified!! What the F***??! Seriously??! And I'm not even interviewing for crap jobs either! These are positions that are paying anywhere from $16-$20 an hour! And I'm overqualified! *guffaw* Damn, if someone would have told me that years ago...

There have been a couple I interviewed for that even if I hadn't been overqualified, I NEVER would have accepted!! Seriously. I don't want to be bored off my ass all day! I did a temp job that left me a little disillusioned. I am now aware that I seem to be the hardest worker on the face of the earth. Apparently, no one else comes close. lol I could have done that job, PLUS one of the other girls jobs as well! I have NEVER been so bored in my life!

Then I interviewed for a college recruiting position almost 3 weeks ago. I was told that it was between me and one other candidate and they would be making their decision in about a month. prob, whatever, right?

Weeellll.....Dot needed me to interview this week for her since she's still in Orlando, so I agreed since I need the damn money. Even if she is remiss about paying me. So, yesterday, I come to find out that Chad had just discovered that they were about to lose me for good, so apparently he ordered (yes, ordered. Damn, I love Chad. lol) Dot to re-hire me full time. Hee hee. So, I told Dot I'd think about it and then later agreed to do it since I haven't had much luck on the job front.

Wouldn't ya know....not TEN FUCKING minutes later, I get a call from a crappy job I interviewed for (which I wouldn't accept if they held me down and tried to feed me live cockroaches.) They want me to start in 2 weeks. I said no way. No problem. Didn't plan on taking that one anyways. Then not TEN minutes after that, I get a call from the college I interviewed with. They love me, and wanted me to meet with the college president. (Oops! Dilemma time!) I wound up having to turn them down too. (Stupid, I know.) But if I'm going to do recruiting, I'd rather do it where I'm already at. End of story.

And there's STILL a job floating out there too, that I'd feel horrible about turning down. Dean's mom knows a guy that was looking for an executive secretary (secretary? Ugghh...but at least it turned out to be MORE than that. lol) and personally took me to go see him. He seemed impressed, but now that I'm staying where I'm at, I'm going to feel really bad about turning him down. :-( ESPECIALLY, since Marla went out of her way to put in such a good word for me too! Ughh.