Saturday, September 6, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

That's what Dean seems like right now...Humpty Yesterday at work, he had a 500 (Yes, that's five hundred) lb breaker fall on his head. :-( It tore a gouge in his head that he said pretty much just poured blood. He has gouges on his shoulder, as well. Those aren't nearly as bad, and he has a scrape on his other arm. He had to get a tetanus shot, and they gave him some antibiotics. Besides other little scratches on his hands, he's just fine besides being sore.

I could've killed him! lol We had JUST had a conversation the day before about how he keeps coming home with scratches everywhere. I told him that I did NOT want to get a call from a hospital that he was hurt, or missing a limb. lol And that's exactly what happened! lol
I actually thought he was joking at first when he texted me that he was hurt and they took him to see a doctor.

They have to go and get hurt and not even bother to tell their wives until they've already seen a doctor. Of course, I freaked Dot actually put it in perspective for me. Her husband got electrocuted and didn't call her until he was RELEASED from the hospital completely! lol The only reason he told her was because firefighters make the news when they're hurt, and he didn't want her to find out about it that way. Sheesh. Men.