Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

I've never been a person to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. Whether I'm single or not. lol I just see it as an excuse to force the person you're with to buy you meaningless crap just because tradition says to do it. And yes, roses, jewelry, and chocolate are meaningless when they're given under the pretense of, "Well, I have to get her something. It's Valentine's Day." Of course, they're nice, thoughtful gestures when it's not expected.

And, ladies, don't give me that crap that it's NOT expected. Yes it it! And you know it. If your man DOESN'T get you anything, you get all butt-hurt and whine about it. Personally, flowers and candy are completely overrated anyways. You get something that dies in 2-3 days, and something that's going to make you even fatter than you already are. And even if it's not going to add extra weight, you're going to guilt trip yourself for eating it! If you have a man that actually got you jewelry for V-day, then you better damn well hold onto him! Now, if you get a man that doesn't get you ANY of those, actually thinks outside the box, and gets you something UNIQUE, then you better chain him to the wall when you're going to be out of sight. You don't want to lose that! lol

Now, this year (being all hormonal and prego), all the candy and flowers was well appreciated! lol Of course, roses aren't my favorite, but it gave me something to look at other than the same damn 4 walls in my living room. (Being practically confined to your house for so damn many months gets old after a while. lol) And of course, I'm not ever going to turn down chocolate. I'm pregnant. It's my excuse to eat it all in one sitting if I so please, and then to send my hubby out for more! lol Not to mention, for some reason, I lost the filter between my brain and my mouth right around week 15 or so, and bluntness serves very well. I can state, demand, beg, plead, etc whatever it is I want, and actually get it! lol Where I got lucky was in having a husband who smiles, kisses me, and says, "Of course, be right back."