Monday, August 4, 2008

Dalton's "Trumpet"

My oldest child is developing both mine and his father's musical abilities! Yay!! He's never really been interested in music until lately. Before, if you tried to sing or dance, he'd yell at you to stop it! "Stop singing mommy! No!" Seriously. lol Every once in a while you could get him to dance with you, but rarely. He's always watched "Little Einsteins" on Disney in the mornings which deals exclusively with classical music by famous composers and teaches kids to recognize melodies. He LOVES it, and another of his cartoons on PBS, "Caillou," has an episode where they make drums and maracas. He insisted upon making his own drums (his dad was a drummer) and that made his dad really proud! lol

Well, today, Dalton sees my clarinet laid out (I haven't played in over a year), and takes an immediate interest. He proclaimed it a trumpet, and immediately picked it up. lol I told him it was a clarinet, he repeated the word, and said, "'s a trumpet." Then he put it in his mouth and blew through it. To my SHOCK, he made it squeak VERY loudly! The clarinet is NOT something you can pick up and just blow through it to make a sound! You have to have an embouchre and actually focus the air through the instrument. And he did it! lol I was SOOOOO proud of him! I can't wait until he's big enough for his fingers to fit the keys, so I can teach him to play! :-) Hopefully, he doesn't choose the drums (which would be to his dad's delight! lol).