Monday, August 4, 2008

The Hunt Is On!!

I have decided to look for another job! I am so SICK of being taken advantage of on a daily basis! I have nothing against Dot; I love her to death on a personal level, but it's always something. She either piles work on me and expects me to do it for way less than it's worth per week, or even -gasp!-for free!!! Yes, sometimes she thinks that she can make me do all kinds of work and not pay me! I guess she expects it as a favor or something. Oh, and half the time, I can't even get her to pay me either on time, or at all! This time, she's 2 MONTHS behind on paying me! So, I called her every day for weeks and weeks, and am I paid?? Nope. She's given me less than half of what I'm owed. Sucky part is I've told her over and over I have bills to pay.

Now, I'm stuck with a brand new car and extra bills associated with it, and now I just may have to relinquish it, because I can't get a freaking paycheck to pay the lease on it! Ughh! Not to mention all the OTHER bills we have! Dean's great and all, and busts his ass, but he can't pay all the bills by himself. And he shouldn't have to. I have never been so frustrated in my life. Well, I take that back. I'm sure I have, but at this moment, it's making me want to cry. I can't even sleep.

I'm hoping to find something in my field. Unfortunately, those jobs are highly competitive and are filled very quickly, and you practically have to have a master's degree to qualify over another person. Ughh. Well, I've already applied to a dozen or so, so we'll see if I get any bites. lol At this point, I'd be happy doing something I've never done! As long as it's not fast'd kill myself first if it came to that! lol