Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been seriously crazy-busy this past week! As most everyone knows (Ok, have to interrupt...wouldn't ya know it...apparently my nail polish was still tacky, and I just messed it up by typing! *Sigh*)...ok, now after that brief message from our sponsors...

As, I was saying, as most everyone knows, I've been papering the town with my resume. It's totally time for something new! Well, since last Friday, I've had 5 interviews. I'm not entirely sure how it's all going. Strangely...I seem to be overqualified for a lot of positions...go figure! lol It's a nice situation to be in, I suppose, but there was one interview that I definitely was NOT overqualified for, but if they offered it to me (won't know anything until next week), I'm not sure I would accept. It's a great company on the 11th floor of some huge building off of 59 and Shepherd, but the company concept goes over my head! Which, of course, understanding it isn't necessary to what I would be doing, but I hate working for a company, and not being able to describe it to other people.

The company I interviewed with this morning was great, actually. Again, it's in an industry that I have NO familiarity with, but at least I UNDERSTAND what they do! It doesn't pay a whole lot to start, but I would have increases once I proved my ability to perform. If they offered me the position, I would take it, though. They're international, continuously expanding (which means STABILITY!), and everyone there is friendly! I will NOT work for or with someone I do not respect or who does not respect me. I don't have to like them to be able to work with them, but it sure does make life easy!

Tomorrow morning, I have an interview for a recruiting position with a college. I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about that one. I'm a little burned out with recruiting. I've been doing it for close to 8 years. It's old to me. However, it is with a different company, so I would expect that it would be different in ways that I may like. The salary is extraordinary ($65K/year), and I defnitely qualify since I have both recruiting and sales experience, but I'm still not sure I would take it if offered. Yeah, I know! What??!! Turn down $65K???!! Am I NUTS? a nutshell...yeah.

I know what I need to make to live, I know what I need to make to be comfortable, and everything else on top is great! But, if I'm not happy where I am, I'm in no better of a situation than I am now. I would rather not wind up quitting after a few months. To me, making less money, but being HAPPY is more important! I see it as if you're making a ton, but miserable, then you're no better than a prostitute. You're basically just selling yourself and your happiness for some extra money.

I agreed to meet with them though to discuss the opportunity, and I will listen, and at that time make a decision on whether it's something I could see myself doing or not. So...we'll see!