Sunday, February 24, 2008

BUSY weekend!!!!!

Sometimes I need someone to remind me that I can't do a whole lot anymore! In all actuality, I DO have people telling me to take it easy, but I kind of ignore them sometimes. lol But it's just barely Sunday, and I feel like I've been run over with a truck.

This month alone, I've been invited to almost 10 babyshowers. Of course, I couldn't go to them all, but it's still a lot of shopping to do! I can't WAIT until I can shop for MY baby instead of someone else's! lol Yesterday, I had to shop for yet another baby shower being given by a woman I work with for her daughter....whom I've never met. lol And since I already have a kid and know what to do regarding registries, Dot had me shop for HER gift too. lol

I figured it would be a good time to finish up my registries at BabiesRUs and Target, so my mom, Dean, and I kind of made a day of it. We started at Target, because I found their website to be ridiculously difficult to use. Apparently, there is so much stuff that you can ONLY get online, that they don't even list that you can get it in stores too. So, I had to go in person and scan the stupid items in. lol I was also having a hard time deciding a theme for the baby's nursery. Well, obviously, the baby isn't getting a nursery until our lease is up and we can get a 3 bedroom, but I still wanted some color coordination for the bedding. lol Target definitely doesn't have a lot to choose from, so we went to BabiesRUs from there.

Anyone who has ever been to BabiesRUs knows that it is a mecca for the most overpriced, most unorganized baby things around. I would never willingly shop there for things that I can get online or somewhere else for half the price. I mean, WHY would you spend $300 on a car seat/ stroller combo when you can get one for $159 elsewhere. And when you walk in, the first thing you see in front of you is the cutest baby outfit for $20 that is. lol And when you go to pick out clothes, good luck. Nothing is separated by age group (newborn, 0-3 months, etc...), things that would make sense to have together (booties, socks, mittens, and hats) are spread on opposite ends of the sections, etc.

BUT, they are the best at having nursery themes laid out for you to see. It's not just a little picture in a magazine that you HOPE will match all the other stuff you're getting. I had already been thinking something jungle-themed, or even just something with animals on it..lots of greens, yellows, stuff like that. Well, I actually did find the perfect one! We decided on the Sweet Safari theme (Well, I didn't give Dean much of an option to agree or, and from there it was a lot easier to finish the registry and get out of there. lol

From there, I had to run over to Walmart and finish getting gifts for the baby shower. Like I said, I don't even know the chick..never met her in my life, so I certainly wasn't going to get her something off her registry....especially since the chick ONLY listed top-dollar stuff! Seriously, her registry had nothing but EXPENSIVE-ass stuff on it! For example, she listed entire nursery themes...not only the bedding (which is pretty standard to put on a registry), but the furniture itself...the crib, changing table, rocking chair, dresser, etc. Not only that, but for SOME reason, she was requesting more than one set. She had 3 different cribs, dressers, and changing tables picked out. Yeah....she really expects people to shell out $300 at a time for her. lol

So, I decided I was going to put together a nice basket full of stuff she was going to NEED. Like wipes and wipe refills, baby shampoo and soap, lotion, Q-tips, Desitin, petroleum jelly, burp pads, stuff like that. I still wound up spending like $40 on her, but I think it was appropriate for someone I'd never met. :-) I also had to buy a car seat for her (Dot's gift). Dot just handed over her credit card and told me to buy it for her since I knew what I was doing. lol

But between picking up Dean that morning in Pasadena, dropping Dalton off at grandpa's house, going to 3 different stores, taking Dean back out to Pasadena, getting the baby shower stuff ready, dropping it off, etc...I wore myself OUT! My doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning. They're already watching me for high blood pressure and stuff, so I'm quite sure I'm going to get reamed out for not doing like they told me...."Get someone else to do it." lol So what if I'm supposed to get someone to do the running around for me? lol I had fun, I got to look at all kinds of baby stuff (which invariably either makes me sappy and giggly, or hormonal and crying over cute things.) lol. Not to mention, I've been practically sitting on my butt for 24 weeks. It gets really lonely. :-( I NEED to get out sometimes. lol