Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sleepy Saturday Mornings

Sleepy Saturday mornings...seems like an oxymoron if you have kids, huh? This morning was no exception. I woke up at the crack of dawn to this cold little hand patting me on the cheek demanding that I wake up so he can go to church with grandpa. Of course, Dalton really doesn't have the whole concept of time that tells him that he goes TOMORROW. lol

I kind of wavered in that existence between sleep and deciding how to answer my argumentative and persistent child. Apparently, he didn't appreciate the delay, so he stepped up the volume of his demands...and added the word "please." Now, when Dalton says "please," he's really not asking. He seems to think that using it will mean I will immediately get up off my butt and do whatever it is that he wants.

So, at this point, Dean is still asleep, and I am now listening to a very loud, whiny 4 year old state his demands with all the tact of a bank robber. At least he didn't have a hostage. Then he stuck a foot that felt like had been in the freezer for a year directly on my leg! Ugh. Someone remind me to stick socks on that child before he goes to sleep at night! Nothing worse than being all warm and snuggly and then feeling like someone threw ice water on you!

I got up and took Dalton out into the living room to get breakfast and something to drink. Even that process is dictated by my 4 year old tyrant. I swear he'll make a good Castro or Stalin. His "demands" were cereal bars (we're out) and purple juice (again...we're out). With him acting like he was going to die of starvation behind me, I discovered that we have cinnamon rolls! Yay! I figured that would have been perfect, right? What kid doesn't like cinnamon rolls for breakfast??! Apparently, mine. As of now, a few hours later, he STILL has not touched it. All he does is poke it, make a disgusting face, and yell, "Ewwww ewwww ewwww" like it's going to poison him! lol

Of course, he's not ALL snails and puppy dog tails today. He just ran in here, jumped on me, and gave me a gigantic hug and sloppy kiss! Then he turned my chair, and said, "Here...I rub your shoulders!" :-)