Monday, April 14, 2008

Pre-term labor

Well, apparently doing my taxes sent me into pre-term labor. lol I had been having contractions off and on all Saturday, but Dean and I didn't start timing them until a little after 11pm. When it was clear that they were 3 minutes apart, and they weren't going away, we went ahead and went to the hospital.

I was there for several hours on the fetal monitoring machines, which is a complete pain in the ass if you've ever been required to sit still for hours on end. lol They hooked me up to an IV to see if giving me fluids would make them go away. That didn't work, so they gave me narcotics to stop the contractions. That didn't work either, lol. They had been checking my cervix off and on throughout the night. I had effaced to 50%, but I wasn't dilating at all, so they decided to let me go home even though I was still having contractions.

I'm still having contractions (although they're not 3 minutes apart anymore), so we've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon to follow up. We'll just have to see how it goes, but I have a suspicion that I'll wind up back on bedrest until the contractions go away. :-( I'm getting kind of sick of this. lol

On the upside, even with the pre-term labor and everything else, the baby (STILL haven't picked out a name! lol) is doing great! :-) He made it hard for the doctors to get an ultrasound on him since he was rolling around so much and would kick the spot the doctor was touching every time. lol Of course, his heart rate would drop with the contractions, but not so much or for so long that they think it's a problem.

Overall, as long as the contractions don't start changing my cervix, I should be ok, but nobody thinks I'll make it to my June 10 due date anymore. lol


Ashley said...

Wow! May not be too much longer now, huh? Try to hold that baby in a little longer girly! LOL (like you can control it or anything!) Best wishes!

Shauna said...

lol. I'm trying, that's for sure!