Saturday, July 26, 2008

The big 3-0!!! My baby's getting old!

Yep, Dean is officially 30 years old! He pretended to ignore the number today, though! lol I guess denial is all you can do with something major like that! I remember 25 was a hard birthday for me psychologically; I can't imagine what 30 is like! lol I'll be there someday, so I don't want to really think about it!

We didn't do a whole lot earlier today. We pretty much made all our plans for Saturday since Dean usually sleeps during the day. He wound up staying up all day though. :-( Poor thing was exhausted by the time he crawled into bed about 11pm!

His parents took us out to eat for his birthday along with his brother-Tim, his sister-Rebecca, and his niece and nephew-Caleb and Lizzie. After that, we went back to their house to visit and let them play with Ryan for a bit. :-) Of course, Ryan fussed most of the time he was awake, but Dean's mom-Marla seems to have the magic touch! He just LOVES to sleep in her arms! :-) All she wants him to do is to wake up and talk to her, but he's not all that cooperative! lol We finally left when Dean started to pass out on the couch, and of course, as soon as we got him in the car, he woke up and started screaming. Totally