Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dalton's dad... here in Houston. I'm so happy for Dalton that he has his dad back! Brian's done a lot of work straightening out his life, and I can only hope that it stays that way.

I am definitely happy to have my stuff back! Most of it's been in storage since I left Columbus almost 3 years ago! It was always easier to keep it there since I had been moving from state to state with my job. Since, I made the decision to stay in Houston, I've been trying to figure out a way to get it back, but the conclusions were always too much of a pain in the ass! Brian agreed to haul it down here with his stuff when he moved, so at least I have it back, even if it WAS so long! lol

I had completely forgotten how much CRAP I have! lol I have absolutely no idea what to do with all this! A lot of it is just going to hit the trash, but there was so much I was glad to have back!

- The paintings my mamaw did before she died. Those are priceless to me!
- My jewelry box and jewelry. Surprisingly, it was all still there! Not that Brian would have taken it, but I didn't expect it all to be there...small things get lost easily. lol Of course, all my silver is tarnished as hell, but that's easy to fix.
- All my memory stuff from high school: My letter jacket (and all the patches and letters that still need to be sewn onto it), all my yearbooks, my Senior memory book, my pictures, all the awards I won in all the various organizations I was in (TSA, NHS, NFL, Band, "Spotlight"-a show-choir, Speech team, One-Act, etc ) my graduation cap, diploma, and honor cords...nothing that I couldn't live without, but it was special to me as part of history, a part of my memory.
- All my picture frames from Dalton's room when he was born, and a lot of the stuff that was in his room (most of the toys I'm sending with Brian to his
- My tempurpedic bed!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I've missed the HELL out of that bed! It did wonders for my back when I bought it!

There were some odd things in there, as well, that I had forgotten that I had!
- My wedding dress from my 1st marriage to Jessie. lol I can't believe I saved that anyways! That's going to hit E-bay as soon as I can get it cleaned and steamed! lol
- A lot of my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Dalton...I could have used those! lol

It was just nice over all to see my stuff again! Even if some of it's worthless to me at this point in time, I'm definitely appreciative of Brian bringing it down here at cost to him! It kind of felt like Christmas! lol