Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tiny footprints

Dean and I finally got around to putting Ryan's footprints in his baby book....finally! lol Normally, they do it in the hospital when they're born if you ask them. For some reason, they didn't when Ryan was born. I never even really thought about it until we got home. Surprisingly, Ryan cooperated a little bit, lol, which helped because I thought for sure I was going to screw it up!

Dalton's footprints were done in the hospital the day he was born. He had some huge feet for a newborn! lol Ryan's were teeny tiny. Once we inked Ryan's into the book, I compared them with Dalton's and I was shocked to find that Ryan's feet now (at almost 2 months) are only a centimeter larger than Dalton's were when he was born!

I know it's kind of hard to compare off of a picture, but at least the one below gives you an idea of it! Ryan's prints are on top, and Dalton's on bottom. :-)


Ashley said...

Aw! It also looks like Dalton has flat feet, and Ryan has more of an arche (sp?)

Too Cute!

Shauna said...

I think it was because Dalton's footprints were done in the hospital. The rolled his feet when they put them on the paper. We did Ryan's at home, and I didn't really think about rolling them. lol Besides, I'm too clumsy for that! I would have messed them all up! lol