Monday, July 14, 2008

Whew! What a weekend!

It was good to get out for a little bit! I'm still having a little bit of trouble moving around. Most of the pain from the C-section incision itself is gone, but anytime I have to carry Ryan around, especially in his car seat, it feels like it's pulling and starts to ache. And I'm still having trouble bending in weird angles, so it's hard to get the kids in and out of the car. Kinda weird and uncomfortable, so I haven't been leaving the house much. It kind of makes me feel bad, because poor Dalton doesn't get to go to the park as much or even outside as much, just because I can't keep up with him while holding Ryan.

Dean's back working nights again, so this past week was the first week that I had to handle the night feedings all by myself. I've been lucky enough to have a husband who takes care of the baby all night just so I can sleep. lol No more of that, though. I definitely wasn't used to it anymore. It's a little harder than it was when Dalton was born. Back then, I could sleep during the day when he did if I needed to. But now I can't do that, because I still have to take care of Dalton. It's definitely a challenge to keep my eyes open some days! lol

Saturday night was really the first time we've gone anywhere with the baby since he was born. Dalton spent Saturday night with his grandma and grandpa, so Dean and I took Ryan to Dean's grandma's house. She still hadn't met him at that point, and neither had his cousins, so when we got there, a crowd was waiting. lol His mom, dad, brother, and sister were there, as well as his niece and nephew. And Lizzie (his niece) was SO excited to hold Ryan! lol She's 6 I think...maybe 7. Still not sure. lol He had a couple of his aunts and an uncle there...I still have a hard time with their names...there's so MANY of them! lol His cousins, Bob and Rene were there as well.

It's really nice marrying into a large family. :-) Lots of new people whom I absolutely love! They're a great bunch of people and really close as well. My family has always been extremely close until my mamaw died and then we all just kind of split up and moved to different states. So, I kind of missed it. lol Dean and his cousins are really close, but they're pretty much all guys, so when Rene shows up, it's nice to have a chick to talk to! lol She's got a little girl Dalton's age, and a little boy who's about to be 1, so we've got some stuff in common. lol

We were there pretty much until a little after midnight, so it turned out to be a pretty long day. Today was kind of lazy in comparison, which was good, because I still get worn out easily (I'm still anemic). So, as of now, I'm off to bed! Hopefully, I can actually sleep this time! lol