Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ahh..the joys of taking deliveries..

Fed Ex came today.

With 2 packages addressed to my husband. :-)

Not wrapped.

So, of course, I could tell what it was... birthday present! Yay!

I love my husband. :-)


Ashley said...


Umm... Happy Birthday?

Is it today?

Shauna said...

Nope, it's not until the 18th, but I'm so glad my hubby actually thinks ahead. lol Intead of waiting until last minute after I remind him! :-)

Ashley said...

Soooo... What did you get for your birthday!??? Do tell, do tell!

Shauna said...

Guitar Hero...cuz I'm so addicted to it and all. lol It's hard for the Fed Ex guy to hide 2 boxes with guitars in them. lol

But Dean says that since I saw it, it's not my b-day present. More like a late Christmas present for the both of us.

Apparently, my wonderful husband had already ordered something ELSE for my b-day, and it should be here He's hoping that it's not as obvious as the guitars were.

Ashley said...

I refused to play that game for a long time and then I played it at my dads house one night and was so addicted that Michael went out and bought it for me the next day. I already beat it on easy and haven't played it in a while.

It's pretty fun :)

Shauna said...

Yeah, the easy setting was..well...easy! lol I'm working on medium and it's a bit more challenging.

Dean makes me feel like a loser with it though. He's so damn good at it, I hate playing against him!