Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been a BUSY week!

I went to work for Maegan on Monday...which I am absolutely THRILLED to do, but I am already exhausted! Part of my job is to build "bundles" of cosmetics that we use at events around the city. Which means putting them in these gift baggie-thingies that have these tassel-rope ties that I have to YANK closed and tie twice. I have rope burns on my hands. It hurts. A LOT!

So, my plans for tonight were to soak my hands and drown them in lotion. I get home and find a note tucked in my door. The apartments I live in are conducting an inspection of all the apartments. Tomorrow. Nice notice, huh?

I think this week my house has been the messiest it's ever been. I just haven't felt much like cleaning. So sue me. Guess what I'm doing now? Yeah. My poor hands have rope burns, and instead of soaking them in cold water and lotion, I've had them soaked in bleach, hot water, Resolve, and have slammed them into various cabinets and walls. And I'm not even halfway done with the house. Ughh.

*banging my head against the wall*

Shoot me now.