Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The new car!...or truck...or whatever you want to call it!

We've been needing a new car for a LONG time! Ever since we found out I was pregnant, basically! lol At the time, both of our cars were only 2 door, and the car seats wouldn't fit in Dean's car at all. Dalton fit in my car just fine, but it was always awkward when Dean was in the car too. I imagine he has a hard time fitting into a lot of cars!

We finally sold Dean's car since it was basically worthless to us....we could never go anywhere together in it. It was just WAY too small. Not to mention, we were pouring hundreds of dollars into it to fix various things just to have something else break the next month!

We've had to make due with my car since Ryan was born. Again, it's been kind of awkward. The whole family just can't fit into it together! So we got this....

... a 2003 Honda Element. It kind of sucks on gas mileage of course, but it's everything we need! If you've ever looked inside one of these things, it has a completely plastic interior (excepts for the seats). Even the floor is plastic. It's basically meant to be hosed out when it's dirty. Literally. lol As in hook up a garden hose and spray the damn thing out! Hilarious, huh? I needed that just for Dalton and his propensity for making everything he touches dirty! And when you're dealing with car seats, the suicide doors help a LOT! With 2 kids...3 if you count Dean, it's a huge timesaver! lol

We don't intend to make it our main vehicle since it only gets 22 mpg. Dean's now driving my car to and from work, and any time either of us needs to do anything, we'll still go in that one. However, any time we need to go somewhere with the kids, the Element is the only one we CAN take! I actually had to run some errands today with the kids and it was SOOOOO nice being able to do them in comfort! lol


Ashley said...

Congrats! :)

ONLY gets 22 mpg!? Try 12. Yes, TWELVE! That's what my new car gets. And it SUCKS!!!

Thanks for dropping the diapers off today. Wish I would have been home so I could have seen you guys. Maybe I can come by some time next week?

Take Care

Shauna said...

12??!! Sheesh..No WAY would I have gone that low! lol I'd rather walk. :-) No prob on the diapers. They've been sitting in the car forever, but sorry about the open package...Dalton got to them in the backseat! lol

We're here all the time, so next week's cool. :-) Just don't expect vacuumed floors! lol Besides, I still haven't met little Ava! :-)