Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coming home tomorrow!

What is it about a funeral that brings all the relatives out of the wood works?? It's like cockroaches that sense a dropped crumb on the floor. lol Ok, so maybe that's a little bit of a weird analogy considering the occasion and all, but still...

I attended my great-grandma's funeral in AR today, and apparently, I have even MORE relatives that I never knew existed. lol It's interesting meeting people for the very first time and finding out that they're your 2nd cousin, and that their mom played with your mom way back in the day....

Maybe not so weird since we're in Arkansas and all...but that's a different story for a different day. lol

I did take some pictures of the internment (Am I the ONLY one who doesn't think that's a bit strange??) and the gravestones of my grandpa and such, so I'll post those when I get home tomorrow night.

For now, I am dealing with an EXTREMELY sick 6 month old who won't allow me to get more than 2 feet from him. Look at me...using a baby as an excuse!

Ok, ok. I admit it. My ass is too lazy to go outside in the FREEZING-ass cold to get my camera cord. So there.

Goodnight all . :-)


Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about your great grandma.

Hope your little one gets better soon.

Have a safe trip home.