Monday, December 8, 2008

Things I *Love*

...said with a bit of sarcasm

1. Waking up to a screaming midnight...and again at 3 am.

2. My 6 month old blowing raspberries at me....with a mouth full of green beans

3. My 4 year old telling me he's going to kick my butt...wonder where he got that one?

4. The toilet overflowing because my 4 year old has (yet again) flushed some random, mysterious object down it that we'll never see again.

5. Realizing that I haven't seen a pocketful of change lately...that was dumped on the bathroom counter....right across from the toilet.

6. Going through 12 cans of formula in one 4-6 boxes of infant cereal and roughly 30 fruits and veggies (2nd foods sizes).

7. Realizing that my 6 month old consumes more food than a dairy cow.

8. Receiving phone calls....10 seconds after I get my 6 month old down for a nap....only to find out it's an automated telemarketer calling in regards to my final notice on a factory warranty....on something I don't even own.

9. Turning around to see my 4 year old walking across a freshly-mopped kitchen a pair of 4 inch heels.

10. Slipping on above referenced freshly-mopped kitchen floor to retrieve band-aids to fix the boo-boo caused by 4 year old slipping and 4 inch heels.

11. Being outwitted by a 4 year old. (Read previous post)


Travis Erwin said...

The joys of parenthood.

Ashley said...


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love this list!!! And I love your blog!