Sunday, December 21, 2008

My poor sick baby!

Well, we finally got tired of the waiting game and took Ryan to an urgent care center.

He's been running an extremely high temperature since Thursday, and his doctor couldn't get him in until Monday. The past couple of days he's been refusing to eat, and today he screamed all day long. When we got there, his temperature was 104 (he had had a dose of Tylenol not an hour and a half before), so they immediately gave him a gigantic dose of Motrin...which he promptly puked. Yep. One sick baby. The doctor said if he had been just a little less alert than he was, she would have sent us straight to the ER.

Turns out he has a double ear infection (kinda obvious), but the doctor said his fever was a little too high to just be explained by that. So, he also got 2 chest x-rays (ruled out pneumonia). They also catheterized him to get some urine to test for a bladder infection. The poor baby also had to have blood drawn, because the doctor thinks he might have sepsis. Not quite sure why she thinks that, but we'll find out. The labs come back tomorrow, so we'll see.

In the meantime, they gave him a shot of Rocephin, which if you've ever had it, you know it BURNS LIKE HELL! They also gave him a prescription antibiotic, so hopefully he'll start to feel better soon. If the labs show that he has sepsis, they can start him on a treatment that can be done from home, but she said if he's still running a high fever they would be more comfortable admitting him in the hospital, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!


Ashley said...

Poor thing! Hoping the results come back good and that he gets better soon!