Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jingle Bells

Oh, I feel so old! Last night was my eldest baby's FIRST school Christmas show! I was so proud! Even if all he did on stage was pick his nose......

Mine is the cutie in the blue shirt right in the middle!
Here he is looking at his best friend at school.

Checking the ladies out!
He's looking at the little girl in purple, like "Calm down already!" That little girl is probably THE loudest, friendliest, biggest ham I have ever seen. Actually, the little boy to the left of her is staring at her well as the other 2 little girls to the right of Dalton.

In other news, Ryan is still one sick baby. Last night was the second night in a row I have stayed up all night rocking him. 2nd night in a row for a 103 fever too. Last night was the first time that the Tylenol wouldn't help. His temp wouldn't go down, but it didn't go up either, so we avoided an ER trip. Poor thing. He puked all over himself...and me....twice. His fever was so high, all he could do was shiver and make this little whining noise over and over again. It about broke my heart!


Ashley said...

AW! How cute!!!

Hope poor litte Ryan gets better soooooonn!!!!