Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmased OUT!

It was a great Christmas this year of course, but I am GLAD it's ALMOST over! Just New Year's to get through now, and I'll be good.

Now, you did catch that "ALMOST" up there, didn't you? Because you're smart. lol And you're wondering what the heck that means, because Christmas is over, so what the heck??

Well, around here with my husband's family, the festivities last from Christmas Eve through the that would be..umm let's see..5 days. Yes, 5 WHOLE days of carting fussy kids, diaper bags, etc to spend almost a whole day at his grandma's house. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and absolutely ADORE his family, but 5 days????

This is how it breaks down. Dean's family does all their "togetherness Christmas" on Christmas Eve, so we spend the day there. On Christmas Day, we started at my house in the morning (and then would have gone to MY mom's house which is an hour away, but she was sooooooo nice enough to bring food and come down to my house. lol). Then in the afternoon, I took Dalton to his dad's (which normally is a 10 minute process, but this time I wanted to watch him open his presents there, took a while.) After that, Dean and I went back up to his grandma's with the baby until after midnight.



I'm tired.

Get it?? lol

And there is MORE of it to go...Remember I said 5 whole days up there?? Yeah. We're now on Day 3.

So, here are some pics of the festivities, which I had a tremendous amount of fun participating in! lol

This one is at Dean's grandma's see all the people??? Yeah, that's not all of them. There's a bunch of people behind me in the kitchen, a bunch of people in the hallway on the rights, and a bunch of people at the table just out of the picture on the left.

Dean and Dalton..and a very curious little one...
My sister-in-law and Ryan
My little Santa Claus!

Eating the wrapping paper...of course. It looked pretty tasty to him apparently.

Dalton loved his tranformer-airplanes. See I DID get him his airplane that he wanted! lol

My bee-yoo-ti-ful mom and I